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Dated 6 September 2020 by Our Daily Market

Year 2020 is a wake up call.

Amidst a world plagued with global pandemic outbreak and economy crisis, we will need to prioritize our health and wellness – mental health, physical health and financial health. Stress and worries are the two most detrimental impact to our health. Our mental well-being affects our mood which also lead to a direct impact on our bodies. 

According to Department of Statistics Singapore, our average life expectancy is around 83 years old. As the average life expectancy increases, this also results in a corresponding increase in the number of illness (many of which is attributed to old age) and duration individuals spend managing them.

These observations have highlighted the importance of ensuring that our health is well taken care of so that we do not burden our loved ones in the future. As the old sooth saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. Maintaining good health and regulating our bodies towards optimal condition can prevent or improve illnesses. Question is, how can we do so?

We are what we eat. In modern times, it is becoming common for herbs with medical properties to be blended together with our daily diet making it much more convenient for individual consumption yet benefit from the nutritional values. What remains a mystery would be what type of herbs could be used, and how it should be blended and prepared into our everyday meals. Herbs are one of the world’s oldest form of medicine however what remains predominant is the use of Western medical science. Traditional Chinese Medicine has made a comeback in recent years where many have seen the effectiveness of how it helps the weak to regulate back to the pink of health. Chinese medicine has slowly grown a cult and regained its popularity even for the younger generation. In addition, Traditional Chinese Medicine’s preventative focus makes it a good pair with Western medical science. When paired, the cross fertilized treatment of both Western and Chinese medication can create synergistic and complementing results for your health. Many of the principles and ancient wisdom of using herbs in our diet are part of the holistic strategies for health today.

Nowadays, many of us will be able to conveniently purchase off-the-shelf herbs. However, many do not know that there are varied quality of herbs buying from well-established shops that deal with traditional medication does not guarantee that the quality is assured. In a series  of articles, we will like to take the chance to share some 101(s) on Chinese herbs. In this particular issue we will be sharing details on how to identify different types of Ginseng Roots (also known as Ginseng Beards, 人参须).

American Ginseng refers to its species rather than the region of growth. American Ginseng is known for its cooling energy as compared to the Korean Ginseng. It is good for fighting fatigue and tiredness, and helps to boost cellular health.

Korean Ginseng also known as Asian or Red Ginseng, this species in comparison is known for its warm energy and is a good metabolic regulator, perking up cells in the body

American ginseng can be bought in fresh or dried form. When selecting the former, roots that are plump, firm, and light colored without crushed or broken appearance. Fresh roots can be kept locked in a plastic bag in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator for up to 10 days. Dried and powder varieties last longer.

Other than having nutritious food in our diet and taking Chinese herbs to regulate our body, we should start by taking a holistic approach to improve our overall health. Strengthen your connections to the outside world (with activities such as hiking and gardening) and those connections that exist inside you. Think about how your intellect, emotions, and physical being are interrelated and interconnected. That’s a simple way that Traditional Chinese Medicine principles can help you strengthen your holistic health and wellness. It can guide you as you develop a healthier lifestyle that connects the pillars of physical, emotional, environmental, nutritional, and spiritual health.

Health is wealth. Plan and start your journey to a healthy you.

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Note: Consumers should consult their doctor/physician before consuming any herbs if they are on medication to cure certain illness.

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