The Different Sides Of Olive Oil You Did Not Know About

Even a simple cooking ingredient that you cannot live without such as olive oil has got different types, bet you didn’t know! Olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking oil you can get out there. It has high contents of monounsaturated fats that lowers LDL cholesterol (which is normally known as bad cholesterol) and omega-9 fatty acids, which reduce blood pressure and improves heart health ❤️

So why are there different types? They are differentiated because of the processes used to extract the oil, as well as by the additives, and the oil’s level free of acids. 

#1: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is the highest grade of olive oil, hence it is also the most expensive as compared to the rest. It contains no more than 0.8% acidity. It is also very rich in antioxidants and contains the highest amount of minerals and vitamins. This is best use for seasoning or on salad due to its light flavour.

#2: Virgin Olive Oil

This is slightly lower in quality, containing about 1.5% free acidity. This can be used for cooking, baking or on salads too.

#3: Refined Olive Oil

Olive oils labelled as “pure olive oil” or just “olive oil” are usually refined olive oil. This is usually used for cooking. This can be used for cooking or body massage too. This is inferior as compared to extra virgin or virgin olive oil. As it is lacking in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, you will not notice any bitterness in taste as well.

#4: Extra Light Olive Oil

This is lighter in flavour and colour. Light olive oil is a refined oil produced using heat after the first pressing of virgin oil. It keeps longer on the shelf and has a high smoking point than other types of olive oil but has fewer nutrients due to the heat pressing.

#5: Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

This means that the olive oil was pressed without heat. Such oil is richer in flavor. In addition, cold pressing helps to retain nutritional value as nutrients can break down under high heat.

So the next time you want to purchase olive oil, you would know there isn’t just 1 type but many different versions of it!  😇

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