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  • HuaYuan White Tea-華緣白茶

    HuaYuan White Tea – Ye Fang Mu Dan

    Quality Premium FuJian’s Fu Ding’s White Tea.

    White tea are packed individual for ease of consumption.

    Our tea can be consumed both cold or hot.

    For Hot Tea consumption:

    Place tea sachet in a cup, pour in 60 degrees of water and let it sit for 2-3 minute. Remove tea sachet and enjoy. When tea are left with 3/4, add in sachet and pour in 60 degreess of water for 2nd round of tea consumption.

    For normal water temperature:

    Place tea sachet in a bottle of 500mls water, let it sit for at least 30min before enjoying the tea.

    For cold tea consumption:

    Place tea sachet into a bottle with 500ml of water and let it sit in fridge for 4-8hrs. If soaked overnight, enjoy a fresh, delicate fragrance tea.

    1 box of 10 packets (20g/pack)






  • Wholesome assorted dried fruits and nuts gift box

    Chinese New year healthy gift set.

    The contents of the gift box are shipped randomly

    -Red dates

    -Milk Coated date

    -Badan Almond


    -Roasted Cashew nuts

    -Premium Fragant Concubine Raisins

    -Premium Mulberry

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