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Our flagship meal replacement shakes

Our Signature original shakes taste mildly sweet and oat-y. They have a deep, complex flavour with a fruity finish. They’re packed with bits of seeds that you can chew on. Additionally, they’re chock-full of nutrients from the superfoods we use.
They’re delicious, nutritious and filling.

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Our Signature Meal Replacement Shakes are our flagship product. They’re the meal replacement shakes we first launched with years ago, and they still remain as our most popular shakes to date. Here’s how our customers use our flagship shakes:

For weight loss: Our Signature Shakes are excellent for weight loss. Like the rest of our shakes, they’re loaded with protein and fiber. This facilitates weight loss by keeping you full for little calories, and minimising hunger pangs and crashes that typically come with a caloric deficit. Calorie for calorie, our Signature shakes also have the highest protein content of all our shakes, they hence keep you full the longest. This puts them a notch above the rest for weight loss.

As a delicious, convenient meal: Just like with our Essential Shakes, our Signature Shakes work great as a quick breakfast, or as a convenient lunch or dinner, when you’re too busy to cook and don’t want to go out of your way for a healthy meal.

To plug dietary holes: Our Signature Shakes are loaded with nutrients that our diets typically lack. They’re packed with micronutrients like Iron, Zinc, Calcium and B-vitamins, in their natural, readily absorbable forms. By having our nutrient-packed shakes a few times a week, you will round out any deficiencies in your diet.

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Sustenance Signature Shakes | Regular | Original | Bundle of 5