• Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil 375ML

    Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil / Minyak Bunga Matahari Organik / 有机冷压葵花籽

    Product of India

    Sunflower seed oil has become a growing popularity because of its impressive fatty acid content, to name a few – oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid. This fatty acid combination is important to maintain the balances of our human health elements. As these fatty acids do not contain any saturated fats and having the Vitamin E and other organic compounds which act as antioxidant, sunflower seed oil is an extremely healthy vegetable oil alternative with the recent trend of eating healthy and is a better alternative choice of cooking oil.

    Sunflower oil is a good choice of oil as it can be considered as one of the healthiest for cooking. It contains polyunsaturated and mono saturated fatty acid, with good excellent source of Vitamin B and E. Daily consumption of this oil in recommended limits can be beneficial for overall health maintenance.

    • Reduces risk of clog arteries, good choice of oil to use in cooking for keeping an eye for the health of your heart

    • Rich in vitamin E – acts as an antioxidant for the body and can boost your immune system.

    • Contains rich antioxidant of Vitamin E – can eliminate free radicals that can cause cancer.

    • Reduces severity of arthritis and asthma

    • Boosts energy levels in body

    • Improves cell regeneration and thus improves skin health



    • 除了减低阻塞动脉的风险,食用葵花籽油也可让眼睛和心脏保持健康
    • 富含维他命E – 抗氧及提高免疫力
    • 富含维他命E – 可消除致癌的自由基
    • 减少严重的关节炎和哮喘
    • 提升体内能量
    • 提升细胞重生,进而增强皮肤健康

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