• Australian Natural Sea Salt Grinder 100G

    Organically approved, traditionally harvested Australian sea salt crystals.

    This salt is raked by hand from coastal sea pans. This harvesting does not involve the use of any vehicles for extraction and therefore minimises the cost to the environement. The sustainability of this resource has been managed for hundreds of years and continues to be harvested without the depletion of this natural asset.

    Contains: Magnesium 1.4%, Calcium 0.3% and Potassium 0.3%

    Store in cool dry place.

    Product of Australia

  • All Natural Himalayan Pink Salt (Grinder) 100G

    Natural Himalayan Pink Salt / 天然喜馬拉雅玫瑰鹽(研磨器)

    Product of India

    Himalayan salt is visually distinctive and prized for its nutritional profile. It is a wholesome, unrefined and consist high number of essential minerals and elements for our healthy body. It improves hydration, detoxifies by balancing our pH, and support hormone balance. It can be used for nasal wash and other therapies besides cooking and also as a table salt.

    Our salt – hand pounded to fine quality – Pure

    Prevents muscle cramping

    Regulates water content in body

    Increases hydration

    Aids in metabolism functioning

    Has more than 40 minerals that our body requires in small quantity.


    我们的是盐 – 手工捣碎的优质盐-绝对纯净






  • All Natural Himalayan Black Salt (Grinder) 100G

    Himalayan Black Salt / 天然喜馬拉雅黑鹽(研磨器)

    Product of India

    Himalayan black salt is generally dark reddish black color and has a distinctive pungent smell and sulphurous odour. It has many healing properties including it being anti flatulent, carminative, antacid, anthelmintic and digestive stimulant. Best to avoid using it if you have hypertension.

    Aids digestion, rich in iron & trace minerals. Relieves gas and heartburn. Helps in hydration and electrolyte balance.

    Our salt – hand pounded to fine quality – Pure



    我们的盐 – 手工捣碎的优质盐-绝对纯净

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