• Pistachio Lychee Rose Cake

    3 layered cake with fluffy pistachio layers with lychees and light buttercream with a hint of rose. 

    This is definitely one of the favourites and best sellers! We have received many praises and reviews on this cake. Starting of as a birthday cake for my mom and her twin, with the family’s approval and compliments, this 3 layered cake quickly became a favourite amongst our customers as well. 

    A textured cake with pistachios with fresh juicy lychees and rose perfumed buttercream, this cake has a bit of everything. Savoury from the pistachios, freshness from the lychees and perfumes from the rose. Balanced to perfection, everything harmonises with one another, not overshining any element. 

    Store: gratus

    Pistachio Lychee Rose Cake


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