• Organic Chickpea Flour (Besan Flour) 300G

    Organic Chickpea Flour (Besan) / Tepung Lacang Kuda Organik / 有机鹰嘴豆

    Product Of India

    Organic Besan flour made from organic chickpeas, is a wheat-free product rich in fiber and nutrients. Besan flour can stand in for wheat flour in many cooking recipes, adding a nutty taste to bread, sauces and other food.  Besan flour makes a healthy and versatile alternative to high carbohydrate wheat flour and it is totally grain free.

    It belongs to the class of high fiber food called legumes/pulses. Increase in intake will reduce the risk of heart diseases, obesity and diabetes. Offers good levels of vitamins and minerals and has an ideal ratio of folate, calcium and magnesium essential for pregnancy and old age. Good for celiac person as it has gluten free property.

    • Great source of high fiber which helps to lower the risk of colon cancer, lower obesity and aids weight loss

    • Its low glycemix index (less sugar) and high fiber content assists in digestion and stabilizes blood sugar and may prevent diabetes

    • Improves immune function as it has property to balance the pH level in our body

    • Can be used externally as a paste on our skin to maintain skin elasticity



    • 纤维可降低患上大癌的风险,减少肥胖症和减重
    • 低糖指数和高纤维可帮助消化,定血糖和防糖尿病
    • 免疫力,并平衡体内PH
    • 外敷在皮肤上可持皮肤

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