Oh no, stuck at home again?

The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced tighter measures on 14 May 2021 after a spike in COVID-19 community cases. As most of us already know, this measure is labelled as Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) and will take effect for a month from 16 May to 13 June 2021. 

We have been doing our best to avoid heading out even though retail shops are still open for business except that we are not allowed to dine-in. We minimize our interaction in the hope that the community cases will reduce and eventually be safe for all of us to head out again. 

During this period when we are mostly staying home, the most frequently asked question would be: “What is for lunch or dinner?” 🍗🍱🥤

Some of us tend to work over-time especially the working from home arrangement has been defaulted, we want to share with you that making your own meal can be easy without taking much of your time. Additionally, meal-prepping can also help in alleviating the stress in you. 🍃

Under our Easy Meal category, we have a good mix of Asian, Korean and Western cuisine; Gong Bao Chicken Thigh, Yakiniku Minced Beef, Spicy Kimchi Salad, fried burger patty and many more.

With our easy meal recipes prepared specially just for you, making fuss free and yummy meals is as easy as ABC and you never have to be afraid of going hungry.


Gong Bao Chicken Thigh

Make it hot over the pan and complete the meal with a quarter portion of brown rice and a handful of broccolis. 🥦🥦🥦

Quorn Garlic & Mushroom Escalopes

Goes along well with our salad bowl on days when we want to have a light or hassle-free meal. Some heat and ready to serve food like BBQ buns and gyoza which you can have during your 1-hour lunch time. Simple and fast, isn’t it?

Now that you have your food settled, let’s not forget about drinks to quench your thirst.

For health enthusiasts alike, we got something for you. Try Beetstreet, a beetroot based probiotic drink. It is a hand crafted fresh fermented drink. Such drinks have digestive benefits and help in autoimmune disorder. It is also an immunity booster, what a perfect combination after your meal. 😋

Turmeric Hot Chocolate

For those of you who want a little something sweeter, guess what we have for you? Try our Turmeric Hot Chocolate. It is loaded with the superfoods you need to give your body the little boost.

Matcha Cacao

And for those of you out there who are matcha lovers, guess what is the perfect drink we have just for you? It is none other than our Matcha Cacao, rich and velvety that leaves you wanting more, you can enjoy this beverage anytime throughout the day. For the gym junkies out there, you can even add a scoop of this goodness to your protein shake to give that mighty “boost” to your drink.

Now that we have shared with you the possibilities of meals and drinks to make at home, it is your turn to share with us what kind of meals or drinks you would have concocted at home? Do share with us on Instagram by tagging @Bulbssg! 📸

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