Credits to Lucy Wolski

Hey Mummies, we all know that milk formulas are instrumental in a baby’s growing up years. Now here brings the next question. What makes a milk formula good for your child? Because hey, we want the best for our children.

Thanks to science, we are offered milk formula with additional nutrients that boost the development of a healthy child. Some of the common additives are:

  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA): An omega-3 fatty acid that are important for healthy brain and eye development. 
  • Probiotics / Prebiotics: They aids in digestion for babies with tummy troubles and improve gut health.

It is fantastic but what about the base of the milk formula? That’s a good question. The quality of the milk formula base, which in most cases is cow milk, are determined by the source aka cow. So, did you actually know that organic milk formula exists?

What? There is organic milk?!

Yes, there are! Isn’t that such a great news? Organic milk that does not contain harmful chemicals. Alas, we do not want to feed toxic to our children, do we?

Now, to even be certified as organic, the food have to pass through a stringent sets of rules. Not just the end product, the whole operation to produce an organic food have to be in compliance. They should not be subjected to prohibited substances at all. This is a dedicated ongoing process and there are no shortcuts for it. 

In the case of an organic milk, the cows are raised to have no exposure to pesticides. Meaning, they eat organic food too. Oh my, even the cows are eating healthily too! An interesting fact is that cows raised under such conditions tend to be happy cows. So in conclusion organic milk is good for the cows and good for our children. Yay!

Now the next thing I am going to reveal to you would probably make you mind blown. Research has shown that organic milk contains 40-60% more omega 3 than conventional milk. That omega 3 acids which are the essential nutrient for brain and eyes development. Mummies, don’t you all want your child to have the best learning abilities?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, you are what you eat? How true! Which is why we want the best food for our child’s health. I’m sure you will agree that seeing your child grow up to be healthy, happy and bright is something that is so valuable that no amount of money would be able to buy.

Mummies, if you would like to get your hand on one, do check out Bellamy’s Organic.


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