How confident are you that your health is in tip-top condition?

As we already know, without health, no matter how much wealth we amass means nothing. More often than not, especially teens or those in their early 20s or 30s, they may think that they are still young and hence can choose to prioritize work and may neglect health as a result. However, there is no running away. Eventually, as we grow older, ailments and illnesses are bound to show. 

Therefore, it is important to start taking care of our health from a young age. Besides the usual nutritious diet, enough sleep and a less stressful lifestyle, today I would like to touch on the world of supplements. 💊

According to Health Hub, health or dietary supplements refer to a diverse group of products commonly consumed for the purpose of supplementing the diet and enhancing health. These products typically contain ingredients from natural sources and are not meant to prevent, treat, cure or alleviate the symptoms of medical diseases or conditions.

Usually such supplements do not come cheap. However, one can view supplements as a form of investment for health sake. If we do not take good care of our health, then the money is going to be spent going to visit the doctor so why not invest some in supplements? As we know, prevention is better than cure so why not do something for our health before anything happens?

Today I would like to share what is known as the Heart of Palm. It is the core or heart of palm plants. Such vegetables can be made into supplements and what are the benefits you may ask? 🤔

It eases constipation, diarrhea and abnormal bowel benefits. It also boosts heart health and improves immunity against germs. It helps to prevent intestinal diseases and hemorrhoids and skin sensitivity. It is suitable for people who lack exercise or are under stress. It also aids in weight loss and boosts satiety.


Intestinal health is the source of continuous nourishment of the various organs of the human body, maintaining the normal operations of the body and acting as a defence against external pathogens and toxins to the human body. It is the body’s first line of defense, fighting against diseases, eliminating toxic and harmful substances while protecting the body. Palm core fibre is a highly fibrous natural intestinal scavenger which helps to cleanse the colon by neutralizing and eliminating toxins, excessive mucus and congestion from the body. 

Taking care of our health starts from us. With a better body and stronger us, we can then live a more quality life and chase betterness in life. 💯


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