Bidding Goodbye To 1Q 2021

A brand new year signifies a new beginning! What goals did you set for yourself this year? As we soon bid goodbye to the first quarter of 2021 and welcome the second quarter into our laps, have you achieved the goals you set for? Is it to progress in your career? Is it to build better relationships with the people around you? Or, is it to attain a healthier body? Majority of us would set new year resolutions, feeling all pumped up and ready to go all out and achieve for the new year, but how long does the fire stay burning within us?

Perhaps the gyms would see many people in the beginning of the year, but by the mid of the year, many would have dropped out of the gym. Are you one of them? 😩 In order to create a lasting habit and introduce a healthier lifestyle, we have to have a sensible and sustainable lifestyle, one in which we can follow comfortably and fit into our lifestyles. 

When it comes to our health, what is more important is what we eat more than how much we exercise.

“We are what we eat.”


If we put junk food into our systems, our bodies would become like a garbage collector. When we consume healthily, naturally our bodies will feel the effects and we are healthy too. If you don’t already know where to get access to healthy food, you may drop by for a wide selection of healthy foods to choose from.


Next, when it comes to exercising, it is about making it a priority and not an excuse. We humans have a lazy mind and we will avoid pain anytime of the day. Hence, to enjoy our daily activities, building our career or business, we need to maintain a healthy condition of our ‘machine’ within us.


It is about having the discipline to do what is necessary and not so much of what is easy. It is about having the consistency to clock in the workouts despite how painful and difficult it may be. Once you start and get the momentum going, half the battle is already won. That is not to say the going gets any easier. Tough times train up tough people. Be stronger than your excuses!

When we cultivate such a mentality towards our health, we would naturally feel better and happier. Hence, when it comes to achieving other things in life, we can then translate such values and qualities we inculcate from building our health towards other areas of our lives interchangeably as well.

World Health Day

April 7 is the World Health Day. Health does not cover only the physical aspect but the mental aspect as well. Other than being aware about this day, I think what is more important is that we are grateful and cherish our own health and life so to speak. Often many of us don’t realize how important staying healthy is until we fall victim to illness. That is why it is so important to do our best in keeping ourselves healthy both physically and mentally. 

With a healthy body and mind in 2021 and the years to come, we can have the energy to achieve the things we truly desire and create a story that is uniquely ours. In writing your own story, how would you like it to be? ✍🏻

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